Jays Day 1 and 2 Draft Review

by Mason McRae



Grading Every Blue Jays Draft Pick From Days One And Two!


Round 1 – 11th Overall:

Alek Manoah: RHP – West Virginia – 6’7/270 – The Jays first pick of the draft is a home run selection, a mid-90s righty that gets up to 97/98 and features a Filthy slider. His changeup isn’t anything special ,but it gets the job done and makes his three pitch repertoire solid. His starter ‘stuff’ should give him all the tools he needs to pencil his name into the Jays’ rotation very soon. I would’ve prefered Daniel Espino, but both would’ve been great selections and Manoah’s floor is much higher (right now). He has a chance to make an impact on the Jays as early as 2021; when they make a run at the AL east with their young core.




Round 2 – 52nd Overall:

Kendall Williams: RHP – IMG Academy – 6’6/207 – The jays get another big bodied righty, this one with a High Arm slot that features a 93-94 Fastball, and a curveball that shows a 12-6 drop with some potential. His command is a problem, but his massive frame and raw ability makes up for it. The big question is: will he sign? He has a commitment to the school that develops arms like no other (Vanderbilt). His signability makes this a questionable pick with hitters like Trejyn Fletcher, Matthew Lugo available and arms like Isaiah Campbell, and Josh Wolf available.




Round 3 – 88th Overall:

Dasan Brown: CF – Abbey Park HS – 5’11/180 – The Jays take the first Canadian of the 2019 Draft, was he the best Canadian on the board? No, but that leads to many other things that are irrelevant at this point. Dasan has amazing instincts on the basepath; as well as plus plus speed and flashes of a gold glove potential in the outfield. His hitting skills are less desirable, but he’s shown lots of growth of late and has some really quick hands and some pop off the bat that is starting to develop of late. He is almost a lock to sign, even with a commitment to one of the best schools (Texas A&M) in the country.




Round 4 – 117th Overall:

Will Robertson: OF – Creighton – 6’2/215 – My favorite pick of day 2; Robertson, a corner outfielder with some amazing power and a nice simple swing that could generate 15-20 home runs a year in the MLB. His power numbers at Creighton have gotten better every season, his plate discipline is a cause for concern with 39 K’s to only 25 BB’s this past season. The fact that he’s going from the Creighton Blue Jays to the Toronto Blue Jays makes the pick that much better. With Noah Song, and Kyle McCann on the board though. You scratch your head and wonder why a Day 1 talent who reasonably fell (Senior w/ Navy Commitment) to the 4th or a Catcher with some serious pop were passed on, but nonetheless. Toronto got a really good player who could make an appearance in the six.




Round 5 – 147th Overall:

Tanner Morris: SS – Virginia – 6’2/190 – A local player I’ve gotten to watch live numerous times. Morris is just ‘alright’ in every facet of the game. He doesn’t have a great arm or glove defensively, just good enough to stick around at short in the minors. Tanner doesn’t have a special bat, or even legs that can fly. He struggles vs Fastballs in and can be easily pitched to by elite arms. Morris is just a dude that can do almost everything above average or better and give himself a shot at making it to Buffalo. Why this pick bugs me, is that Tyler Dyson, a Florida college arm with mechanics almost identical to Brady Singer, was passed on or even Auburn Shortstop Will Holland who at least has one or two tools.




Round 6 – 177th Overall:

Cameron Eden: SS – California – 6’1/181 – A shortstop who took a massive step after having a sophomore slump, Eden showed some flashes of power with 8 deep balls vs some pretty good pitching in the PAC-12. His baserunning gives him at least one tool that can keep him on a roster just long enough to sneak into lineups. Not a flashy pick or player, but he’s a low risk pick with some promise. Wouldn’t have minded Campbell’s Matthew Barefoot here, but now i’m just complaining to complain.




Round 7 – 207th Overall:

LJ Talley: 2B – Georgia – 6’2/203 – A senior sign to save some money, Talley isn’t anything special defensively, but he’s shown some pop from a position that lacks power. Don’t expect much from LJ, but at least this saves the Jays money for other picks.




Round 8 – 237th Overall:

Angel Camacho: 3B – Jacksonville – 6’4/205 – Another senior sign, Camacho showed some plate discipline and will find a way into a minor league lineup via a bat with a little pop. But don’t expect to hear his name in Toronto. Angel is another low risk pick to save money.




Round 9 – 267th Overall:

Phillip Clark: C – Vanderbilt – 5’11/190 – A catcher who thrived vs some tough SEC Competition, Phillip has a chance at the bigs thanks to his defense that can stick in the minors. His bat has flaunted some potential with 13 home runs over the last two seasons and a decent OBP of just over .380. He should slowly climb the ladders of the minors and quite possibly make Toronto as a backup or platoon player.




Round 10 – 297th Overall:

Glenn Santiago: SS – International Baseball Academy – 6’0/160 – A man who’s impossible to find anything on. Glenn is a man of mystery, and It would be ignorant to bash a pick of a player whom I can’t even speak of. So this pick won’t get a grade.




Day 1 and 2 as a whole:

They Started off with a bang, in the selection of Alek Manoah. Then followed it up with a questionable high school arm in Kendall Williams. Following that, they took a Dalton Pompey type player (who Jays fans still adore for some reason) in the third, Dasan Brown. In the fourth they selected a really good hitting outfielder with pop and followed that up with a College shortstop that probably wasn’t even the best College SS taken within the next four picks (Will Holland). They ended off the draft with a couple of senior signs, a low risk PAC-12 Shortstop and a really underrated Catcher in Phillip Clarke. As well as the mystery man himself, Glenn Santiago.


I got what I badly wanted, which was a really good arm. They hit on a few later selections and even took a Canadian to make the day better. Not a bad day for a team with a really good farm system that just added a future stud on the bump. Ross Atkins and company; aside for passing on Roy Halla… I mean Brady Singer last year; has done a pretty good job since taking over. Let the #TankForTork begin!




2 thoughts on “Jays Day 1 and 2 Draft Review

  1. by the grading that was done on each player selected I thought that your overall mark would be lower, it appeared except for 2 selections that you were Meh or negative on the rest. Confused!!


    1. Their first selection is far more important than the rest. If you hit a home run on your first selection and drop a bomb the last 9 selections, you’d still get a good grade, why? Because a first rounder is just so important. Plus, Kendall Williams’ Pick wasn’t all that bad, now that I know he actually might sign. Hard to give a bad grade with 5-10th round picks that rarely ever make an impact.


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