Nate Savino Draft Report

PG photo

By Mason McRae



Savino’s velo sits in the mid-90’s and touches 96. He’s got a whippy arm, with some funk and a repeatable arm. His fastball has plenty of arm-side-run that makes the pitch a borderline plus-plus pitch, but as of now its a 60 grade. His slider is a plus pitch and one of the better ones in the entire class, it’s got some advanced late break and high spin – it shares the same plane as his fastball as well. He doesn’t throw his changeup often given the talent he’s faced, so he gets away with blowing kids away with his fastball. He’ll need to work on a third-pitch at the next level if he wants to become a starter. 



As stated above, Savino really hasn’t had to ‘out pitch’ hitters because of the talent he’s faced and while at the major events he has shown the ability to work from both sides of the plate and commands his slider all over the zone, but he looks like a future reliever as of now – that could easily change if/once he develops his change. I think he’ll figure it out and stick as a starter at the next level, but as of now he lacks starter traits.



He’s the best prep LHP in the class, and the drop-off from him to the next best is significant. He’s a surefire first-round talent. I haven’t seen a lot of buzz on him in the scouting world, and I’m much higher on him than most. He’s projected to be a mid to late first rounder from what I’ve seen, but he’s currently got a 50 FV which puts him in the top 15 of the class. 



He’s the Hunter Barco (‘19 Day-Three Pick) of the 2020 class. Barco was day-one talent who slid to day-three with a solid commitment to Florida and Kevin O’Sullivan’s pitching powerhouse. Barco and Savino share the same low-three quarters arm slot with heavy ASR, the difference between the two is how raw Barco was/is and how advanced Savino’s slider was/is compared to Barco. MLB-wise – Savino could become a Chris Sale type, although I feel like this is a forced comp because of Sale being the biggest headliner for LHPs with a low slot and the ability to throw all of his pitches with movement. But the comp is definitely there, Savino has the ability to throw a slider that floats in the same boat of Sale’s plus plus slider – Savino still has some height to gain and could be a 6’5 scrawny lefty with high upside.


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