Blue Jays Top 25 Under 25: #21 Cullen Large

cullen_large_ball_near_glove o’donohoe photo

By Mason McRae

Coming in at Number 22 is my sleeper MIF in the Jays’ system, Cullen Large. He’s got a 30 current grade, and a 40 future grade – Equaling out to a total grade of 35.1. He has struggled since his promotion to Double-A with a .280 OBP and a .341 SLG while striking out a scary 29 times to only 1 walk. The power still hasn’t shown up with 0 HRs in New Hampshire and 6 XBH’s. He’s 23 and won’t be ready until late 2020, He’ll never be a massive impact hitterm but he could become a solid fifth infielder, with the ability to play left if need be. 


I’m higher on Large then most, mainly because of how scarce 2nd Baseman are in the Jays system. But I think after going to the Arizona Fall League, Large could turn it around and make a push for the Jays’ 2021 roster.

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