Blue Jays 2020 First Round Pick: An Early Look at Some Candidates

Mick Abel – Pamplin Media Group photo

After finishing with the fifth worst record in baseball, the Blue Jays will be “rewarded” with the fifth overall pick. I was optimistic they’d finish in the bottom-3 and get their choice of the ever-so-loaded prep outfielding group. Instead, they’ll have to settle with some backup plans. Luckily, this class is deep and whoever they get at 5 should be a perennial all-star on the MLB Level. That’s (obviously) if they hit on the pick and don’t whiff on it. So let’s look at some future Jays.




1 OF Spencer Torkelson 70 Arizona State
2 RHP Emerson Hancock 60 Georgia
3 OF Dylan Crews 55 Lake Mary HS
4 OF Pete Crow-Armstrong 50 Harvard-Westlake HS
5 C Drew Romo 50 The Woodlands HS
6 RHP Mick Abel 50 Jesuit HS
7 OF Austin Hendrick 50 West Allegheny HS
8 OF Zac Veen 50 Spruce Creek HS
9 OF Robert Hassell III 50 Independence HS
10 C Tyler Soderstrom 50 Turlock HS


The most realistic pick for me at 5 is Mick Abel, he’s a consensus mid-top-10 player and a perfect fit for a team trying to build a homegrown rotation. The Jays have added Anthony Kay, Kendall Williams, Alex Manoah, and Simoeon Woods Richardson all in a six-month window. Mick Abel would fight with SWR for the top spot, and seriously contend for Nate Pearson’s replacement at the top of the Jays’ prospect pipeline. His mid-90’s wipeout fastball complemented with a borderline plus CB will play into a rotation role at the MLB level. I wouldn’t necessarily dream of a Mick Abel selection at 5, but if it were the case, I could live with it.


My favorite, but somewhat unrealistic pick at 5 is Pete Crow-Armstrong, Drew Romo or Dylan Crews. Luckily, one of those three will be on the board at 3. The first two picks are set already, and the dominos will fall after them in any way possible. My absolute dream at 5 is a Dylan Crews underslot. Crews is my #3 player in the class and has dropped to around the high-teens, low 20s range for his ranking. His summer wasn’t as expected and raised concerns over his hit tool and BB recognition. But Crews is the Jays clear need in the system, they lack athletic OFs with plus power and Crews gives them that.


My silver medal at 5 is arguably by biggest prospect crush in the class – Drew Romo. He’s a bluechip catcher with a plus arm, plus glove and 45 bat. The power has flashed 50 and could play into a top-of-the order role. Everything I’ve heard about the kid has been positive, whether it’s about him in the dugout as a leader, off the field as a person, or behind the plate as a high instinctive catcher with a great grasp of what he’s doing. Romo at 5 is a home run, I don’t see the Jays taking him, but it would be a welcome surprise.


The draft is still six-months away and a full college baseball season approaches us. The prep players have submitted their resumes, meaning the majority of changes on draft boards will be the Hunter Bishop’s of the ‘19 class. Somebody like Hayden Cantrelle from Louisiana Lafayette, or one of many (also Arizona State hitters, like Bishop) in Steven Williams, Alika Williams, or the best of them all – Gage Workman. Let the College season begin!

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