Blue Jays Mock Draft Review

by Mason McRae

Yesterday I dropped a Bomb on the MLB Draft community with my sixth mock draft for the 2020 MLB Draft. Below is what I’ll be going over in this blog.

  • Thought process behind-the-pick
  • What I would’ve done with the pick
  • Possible sleeper candidates for the pick
  • Candidates for the Blue Jays Second Round Pick
  • Questions from twitter about my Mock Draft.


Behind The Blue Jays’ Pick

Well, to be frank, there wasn’t much – when Asa Lacy went fourth overall, my mind immediately went to Nick Gonzales. But, since it’s a question, I’ll answer it. Garrett Mitchell, Pete Crow-Armstrong, and Zac Veen were the only others I would’ve even bothered considering with the pick – UCLA’s Mitchell is a great backup plan for the Jays if Gonzales, Torkelson, Hancock, and Martin are all gone and the Jays don’t want Lacy. Pete and Zac are good options if the Jays would prefer to go the prep route, also – bonus demands are all over the place with high schoolers, while 4-Year Juniors are usually less complicated. If Veen or PCA would take less than the slot, a fifth overall selection could make sense if the Jays Big Board falls apart in the four picks ahead of them.

If I were the Making The Pick

I would’ve gone with Gonzales, no question, no second-thought, nothing. However, if Gonzales went fourth overall to KC (which makes plenty of sense), I would’ve been in a tough-decision between Veen, PCA, and Mitchell. I’d probably go with Mitchell, unless PCA was willing to take 500k (or more) less than what Mitchell is asking for. The MLB Draft is a “take the BPA no matter what” type of schtick, so Mitchell is the move, but the best part is that Mitchell would fill the organizations biggest hole – Athletic OF’s with Plus-Physical tools. 

Sleeper Candidates

Reid Detmers is the easiest candidate, the 91-93 LHP has a plus-CB w/ plus-spin, (in the 2,850-3,000 rpms range), his delivery is repeatable, and clean, his arm is also clean – he’s the one player I regretted taking so late in my mock draft, If I could re-do it, I’d take him 7th overall with Pittsburgh’s pick, so clearly he’s good.

Austin Hendrick is the only other sleeper I can think of – that is of course if PCA, Veen and Abel aren’t sleepers, then I’d go with them. Hendrick is somebody like Gonzales that casual fans would easily fall in-love with, if you’re lucky enough to see a BP round from Austin – you could get a few souvenirs hit by a potential MLB Home Run derby participant in the near future.

Twitter Questions

Why are you opposed to Lacy?

Because he’s a relief risk – Power-Arms that haven’t had to fine-tune their command or use a third-pitch are risky. He has a plus-SL and above average FB w/ above average control as well as plus-velo, so he could become a legit back end reliever.

Would you be upset if we took Mitchell?

Obviously you didn’t know that I’d answer that question above, but no – I’d actually love Mitchell at Pick 5.

If you could have anyone fall from the “Big 5” to the Jays who would you want?

Probably Emerson Hancock, though Spencer Torkelson is so intriguing. Hancock brings much more value, along with a corresponding increase in risk. Hancock could be Pearson’s right-hand man for years-to-come. Torkelson, as flashy as he is, is just a 1B, so his value gets hindered heavily – but I’d do unimaginable things for that man to wear a Blue Jays uniform.

Who is someone with the most talent but unlikely to sign?

Unfortunately, signability is still tough to figure out as of now. PCA, Robert Hassell III, Mick Abel, and Nick Bitsko probably lead the way though. Fortunately I do have some behind-the-scenes knowledge on PCA, he comes from a wealthy family, as well as a usually pricey Vanderbilt commit attached to him. The feeling from ex-PCA coaches is that he wants to begin his professional career, and money isn’t a concern. There’s a possibility he’s willing to take less to go higher, making him a candidate for the Jays at 5. Robert Hassell also comes from a somewhat wealthy family, with a Vanderbilt commit attached to him, he’s also not as highly ranked as PCA, so his bonus offers might be too low to pass up a Vanderbilt education. Last but not least, Mick Abel. Prep arms are risky and this year is filled with talented college arms, so why go with a prep arm? Abel will need high-money to forego his Oregon State commitment, so there’s a chance he could slip and end up a Beaver.

The Blue Jays Second Round Pick

Dylan Crews (OF, Lake Mary HS) – The best player left on my board after my first round mock draft I dropped yesterday. If the Blue Jays could get Crews at 42, they’d have to offer at least 1.5M more than the slot I’d expect, so the next few selections would need to be cost-effective juniors or senior signs, but Crews at 42 would be a slam-dunk, grand-slam, run around the neighborhood shouting type of steal

Tyler Soderstrom (C, Turlock HS) – My no. 2 HS Catcher and no. 3 catcher, Soderstrom would probably need over 1M on-top of slot value to turn down his UCLA signing, though there’s prep catcher risk, I’d jump for joy if we could land Soderstrom.

Alejandro Rosario (RHP, Miami Christian HS) – My no. 2 prep RHP, and the second-best player on the board, behind Crews. Rosario is ahead of projected no. 14 overall pick (Jared Kelley) on my big board, so the talent is abundant.

Petey Halpin (OF, St. Francis HS) – Halpin is my ‘fall-back’ plan if the three above are all gone, so he wouldn’t excite me as much. But he’s a toosly above average defender and runner with a future plus-hit tool and a power-tool quickly rising.

Andrew Abbott (LHP, Virginia) – Usually Second-Round “sleepers” are high schoolers dropping because of signability, so that’s why most of mine are prep guys. But I figured I’d include at least one college guy, Abbott has worked as a high-leverage for UVA in his career, though he’s been a reliever, I do think he could become a starter in low-A to begin his professional career. He also has a plus-slider, one of the better ones in the class, so he still could be a legit-end of the day stopper type.


4 thoughts on “Blue Jays Mock Draft Review

    1. Nate Pearson has elite command and three above average pitches w/ 2 being plus. There’s no Relief Risk, although when he was drafted there was.


      1. How did you come to the conclusion Nate Pearson has elite command? I’ve seen no other scouting source that has made this same conclusion, with his stuff if the command was elite you would have to think he would fall within the top few prospects in lists across the industry.


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